Brian A. Camley

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Web interface for finite size corrections in membrane MD


Brian Camley (and Felix)

Hi! I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics at University of California, San Diego. I work on problems in cell motility, biophysics, hydrodynamics, and soft condensed matter physics.

Bo Li and I recently organized a Summer School in Mathematical Biology focusing on Spatial Problems from Cells to Tissues to Flocks. This course took place from Sept. 22-Sept. 26. 2014.

Students studying mathematical modeling or planning on competing in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling might be interested in Conquering the Math Contest in Modeling. Pascal Getreuer, Brad Klingenberg and I wrote this guide to the contest and mathematical modeling in general based on our experience with the MCM at CU-Boulder.

The best way to contact me is by email, my first initial plus last name at gmail dot com. I update this page from time to time, but my Google scholar profile should generally have the most recent list of papers; a list of PDFs is available on my publications page.

Dynamics of lipid membranes and embedded proteins

Cell motility in complex environments

Other soft matter and kinetics