Summer School in Mathematical Biology (2014)

Spatial Problems from Cells to Tissues to Flocks

Lectures will be held the week of Sept. 22-Sept. 26 from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in Applied Physics & Mathematics (AP&M) 6402

Organizers: Brian Camley (UCSD Physics) and Bo Li (UCSD Math)


Time Monday
Sept. 22
Sept. 23
Sept. 24
Sept. 25
Sept. 26
10 am Introduction to reaction-diffusion models; diffusion limits on cellular metabolism; Keller-Segel aggregation [Brian Camley] Turing patterns, polarity mechanisms in cells, and chemotaxis from reaction-diffusion models [Brian Camley] Single cell motility models from simple to complex [Brian Camley Sorting in cell aggregates [Albert Bae] Intro to collective motion and flocking [Brian Camley]
11 am Biological fluid dynamics; active suspensions [David Saintillan] Bacteria and biofilms [Mya Warren] Cell spreading and cell shape [Padmini Rangamani] Chemotaxis and polarity: models and Dictyostelium experiments [Wouter-Jan Rappel] Singular Patterns in Swarming [Hui Sun]

Gierer-Meinhardt model

This short summer school will introduce students to basic techniques in mathematical biology, and show direct applications to ongoing research, especially focusing on problems with spatial dependence. We expect most lectures will be accessible to advanced undergraduates or beginning graduate students in the mathematical and physical sciences.